Back in December 2004 when Sony decided to launch the PlayStation Portable in Japan it was met with much critical acclaim. The system was touted for its graphical prowess and its multimedia capabilities, a first for a system of its size. A couple of months later the system launched in the United States and proved to be a hit. Sony was happy, the consumers were happy, but they weren’t expecting a real threat in the relatively weak and gimmicky Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS exploded the following year with a great variety of games for all the ages, with something for everyone, but most importantly they were fun and innovative games to play. Sony had apparently forgotten halfway through its first year with the PSP. Sure the system was more powerful and games looked far better than what the DS had to offer, but I lacked the most important thing a video game system needs, a solid library of games.

Finally, the PSP reached 50 million units worldwide after 5 years in the market. A great achievement if weren’t obscured by the monstruosity that the DS is, selling almost double the units in t he same amount of time.

Either way, Sony should be glad to arrive to the 50 million unit mark in its first venture into the handheld market. A market that Nintendo has traditionally dominated for the past 20 years. Will Sony be able to take away the title of King of handhelds from Nintendo with their next iteration of the PSP?

Only time will tell.

Sony sells 50 million PSPs worldwide, Mario unimpressed