It finally happened; America has been cut off from internet access.

Can anyone image the panic it would cause? Having the entire continent cut off from Internet access would cause a crisis of severe magnitude. Some might argue that its non-issue, since the internet hasn’t always been around. But the fact is that it has become a way of life in America. There would be a myriad of problems and consequences for relying too much on the internet.

Society would have to revert back to how life was before the web ruled our lives. Web sites would be among the most affected, they would have to focus on the European market and move their businesses across the Atlantic Ocean. Business deals would have to revert to the old model of making phone calls and faxing documents. Connecting with old friends would be a hassle, since not everyone can keep tabs with everyone in an easy manner. Students wanting access to books online would have to revert to the hassle of going to the library and dealing with the limited amount of books available. The internet is a very fragile system, and can be easily disrupted.

While many people believe events like these can’t happen, twice in the past year have countries suffered internet outages. There are many problems in the way the internet is set up, many people aren’t even aware of how it works, for some it’s just a series of tubes, but it remains a key component and a staple of American society nowadays.

Sure the country wouldn’t be the same for a while, but in the end we are all still here.