Ah, the life of online communities.

The fact that we have two type of communities, that are so different from each other, shows how much an impact the web has had on society. Even though its been a while since online communities started, there has been a struggle to keep them working, at least for some companies.

Online communities can be harsh for newcomers; the communities are very secretive in what they do. In order to partake in the discussion one must register and create an online persona, once inside the hard part is to try and fit in. Anonymity in the communities also gives space for some people to act the way they want. People enjoy the anonymity factor because it gives them a chance to be someone else and escape their real world. Anonymity on the internet was even protected in a recent court case.

Online communities, the friendly ones at least, can be a good place to be. Sharing your thoughts with people that share your same interests is what has made online communities so popular. People from everywhere in the world and any time zone can participate in the discussion, each one giving their unique view on a particular subject.

Overall, online communities offer a great opportunity to meet different people who share your tastes. You never know, if you look hard enough you might find your little oasis on the web.