Dear Apple:

My name is Gerardo and I have a love-hate relationship with you. You see, I like how you come up with new ideas to freshen up your image once every year. But, all of your upgrades and new models are burning a hole on my wallet and I don’t know how much more I can take. I know we spent innumerable bike rides together and walks around the park, and it saddens me to say this, but it’s over.

It’s over, and I’m sorry.

Sure, the world has never been the same since you arrived in the year 2000. But I’m not falling into your scheme again. I bought my first iPod around 2005, it was the U2 edition. I was so proud of it; it had COLOR and could display pictures, and what happens in the next three months after I buy it? You disappoint me and show up your new model that has video capabilities.

I was left heartbroken, and swore never again to buy an apple product. Sure enough, you charmed me again with the introduction of the iPhone and the iPod touch. Sure enough, Apple did it again, huge success. And here I am, feeling the urge to reconciliate with apple and get me one of these awesome devices.

There I go again, buying an iPod touch (which is pretty awesome btw) and once again the love-hate relationship resumes. Why is it that apple is the only company that can get away with this? I know for sure that if a new successor for the PlayStation 3 came a year after it first released all hell would break loose.

In the end, it all comes down the design and ease of use. Apple’s effort for innovation and cutting edge technology has proved once again that spending money on an Apple product is always worth it.

I love you Apple (Not really)