The internet is surely a fascinating and scary place.

Back in February 2008, Fox news slammed PC/Xbox  360 game “Mass Effect” for alleged sexual content. Game journalist Geoff Keighley faced book author Cooper Lawrence in the interview were he tried to set the record straight. Lawrence, who had no previous experience with the game (obviously), went on ranting on how the game was explicit on a “pornographic” level.

Boy, oh boy. Big mistake.

The game, obviously, had no such thing as pornographic material. All the three major game publishers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo made a commitment no never have this kind of material in any video game. Cooper Lawrence would later regret what she said on fox news. The Reason? The ratings for her books on were trashed by angry gamers around the world.

Electronic Arts asked for a correction but didn’t get it, while it created a stir in the gaming community having people very uninformed with the topic at hand.

This goes on to show that people pay attention to everything and that if you’re going to talk about something you don’t really know and present them as facts, there will be a price to pay. Lawrence underestimated the gaming community and now she’s regretting it dearly.

Next time, do your research and you won’t have to endure these pains. Anonymity can be a pain.