Copyright David Sivers

Copyright David Sivers

There was a time when only a select group of people could read, these people were considered among the elite in society. But, as time went by, reading became a widespread activity. It was taught in every school and more people had the opportunity to learn this particular skill. Nowadays, only very few people don’t know how to read.

If that is the case, then why is it that people have a hard time adapting to reading on the web? why do they feel the need to print out whatever is on the screen? Why can’t they stop killing trees? Do they get distracted?

Truth is, people have grown accustomed to their paper and do not want to change that. The fear of having to read something off the screen frightens many. Most, don’t even read, they just “glance” at pages.

Then we have web learning skills, people who don’t know how to operate a computer or access the internet. Which for a long time was the “reading” skill of the 21st century. Many countries have stepped up their programs in order to have a more literate society when it comes to computer usage and web reading skills.

Thankfully, web learning skills are no longer regarded as being an “elite” activity, as it is mandated to be taught by almost every school that has access to computers.

Only good things can come out of this… right?