Oh, sorry, you couldn’t find it on google? Then I’m sorry, but what you’re looking for most likely doesn’t exist.

Ah, the life and times of the internet, Myspace and Facebook. It seems that in these days if you’re not connected to any of these social networks, you’re out of the loop, and pretty much non-existant. What happened to good old days communication via cellphones? what? you’re saying that a couple of years ago not everyone had a cell phone? and if you didn’t have one you were pretty cut from real life communication? wait, what? before having cell phones people had to actually use the postal service?


Every generation has had the same problem when it comes to communcation mediums. The internet is the most recent case, some people nowadays base their entire lives on their social networks and if you’re not on their friends list,  you don’t exist and lose contact with them. We have come to a point in the internet age where everything is being stored on the net, newspapers are creating databases to backup their old issues and companies are uploading their files as a backup. Trough these actions, the feeling that everything is on the net has been increasing throughout the years.

Google has been the main offender this generation, as it is hailed the “start page of the internet.” Google’s complex algorithim has made it easier to find anything on the web. By that exact reasoning, if Google can’t find it then, most likely, it doesn’t exist.

Better luck next time, then.